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Afflatus Inc has encompassed almost the whole globe in its operations and services. For one, we handpick talent from all the geographies for our Partner roles – this allows a native Alignment for the clients, and service them promptly.

Unites States

Afflatus Inc with corporate office in San Jose and affiliate partners based in 15+ cities, successfully services mandates of US based clients. The sectoral competencies are wide ranging, with really top of the pile kind in Financial, Health, Engineering and Technology spaces. Being savvy of various State Laws enables us to design suitable offer terms and compensation packages for our clients.
We promote rehabilitation of war veterans. Board diversity is a cause close to our heart. We have zero tolerance for exceptions to Equal Opportunity Employment, both internally and as supported for our clients. Since our partners travel globally and criss-cross US for speaker opportunities in conferences, our networking and first hand feel of suggested candidates are notable in the industry.

Service provide in US
US Office:
360 Degree Customer Inc.
4423 Fortran Dr, Suite #114
San Jose CA 95134, USA
Middle East

Besides the operating parameters on Executive Search, our experience in Middle East has tuned us to the compliance dimensions. It is evident today that the recruitment agent plays an important role in the entire cycle of migration, from the stage of recruitment, to pre-departure training, to signing of employment agreements, to grievance handling, conciliation and repatriation. In response to the recent events related to illegal and irregular practices the Middle East authorities are taking stern measures towards curbing the work of errant recruitment agents, and looking at ways of bringing sub-agents who are not legally registered with the Middle East Bureau of Foreign Employment into the mainstream. Improving regulatory standards involving the migratory process is of crucial importance to ensure protection of migrant workers. The National Labor Migration Policy highlights the importance of regulating the recruitment industry with a view of enhancing the processes for improved governance, protection and empowerment of migrant workers and their families.
Middle East and Arabian Gulf has always been a preferred career destination for sub-continental work force and European CEOs/ VPs.
After successfully overcoming the worst recession in its history and remaining unscathed in ‘Arabian Spring’ revolt that recently surfaced in several Arab countries, United Arab Emirates (UAE), one of the GCC countries in Middle East, once again is showing signs of its very familiar quench for quality manpower to execute and manage many of its multimillion dollar, multi-faceted mega projects.
More than the career options, it is the quality of lifestyle, clean and safe environment along with a tax free salary that attracts people to the expatriate life in Gulf countries.

Service Provide in middle East
Dubai Office:
2301, 23rd Floor,
Tiffany Towers, (W) Cluster,
Jumaira Lake Towers,
Dubai Marina, UAE
Abu Dhabi Office:
Innovation Abu dhabi,
1903 19th Floor,
Al Wahda Commercial Tower,
Abu Dhabi, UAE

For over 8 years, Afflatus Inc has led industry thinking and brought unrivalled expertise to client issues across European mandates. The continent is hugely heterogeneous and quite a satisfying experience for us. Our healthcare practice is the leading provider of commercial due diligence for private equity transactions. Amongst other sectors we’ve dealt in, the Financial Services, Technology and Engineering dominate our portfolio. Clients value our advice, analysis, access and deep expertise. We've affiliates in 6+ cities across Europe to bring local expertise. This has happened as initially we sourced lots of talent for Middle East assignments from Europe. In due course out foothold on Europe itself became deeper and firmer. We are now considered an advisor of choice in this geography.
The European Union free mobility of talent is a big plus, like the United States of America. Working across Schengen Visa countries is an attraction. The tumult of late in country credit ratings over Greece, Spain etc have cast dark clouds – however business as such has to carry on.

Sevice Provide in UK
EU Office:
5 Forres Avenue,
k Sheffield
South Yorkshire
S10 1WG, UK

The human resources are the most important assets of an organization. The success or failure of an organization is largely dependent on the caliber of the people working therein. Without positive and creative contributions from people, organizations cannot progress and prosper. In order to achieve the goals or the activities of an organization, therefore, we need to recruit people with requisite skills, qualifications and experience. While doing so, we have to keep the present as well as the future requirements of the organization in mind.
Leadership echelon recruitment is one of the most visible roles undertaken by human resource departments in organizations, as it has maximal impact on direction the organizations take in future. Recruitment can be considered as part of a trio, ‘recruit, reward and retain'. Indian practice ranges over 4 big metros, and 10 sizeable cities. Our Partners are adept at appreciating local issues – educational, spouse employment etc alongwith main incumbents’ preferences.

Unrivalled Expert of client
India Office:
Mercantile House,
Canaught Palce, New Delhi-110001
Sector 13, Main Market, Karnal-132001