StartUp Talent, a division of Afflatus is currently involved in building Brands and onboarding some of the Brightest Minds to a Few technology Focused Product Based Portfolios and in the Big Data and Analytics, space which are creating ripples in the Industry. Startup Talent works very closely with Angel Investors, Fund Managers to attract and Build the Right Talent pools for the Startups to succeed.

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Afflatus Inc serves the fast paced and technology and functional focused Startup industry through its own Subsidiary called Start Up Talent. From Garages, to unconventional work spaces and or to Zero organizational Set ups on one End , or to High End Funding but weak on Branding Building critical talent for Start ups as its own challenges.Reach out to our Industry Expert at

Afflatus Inc conducts their hiring interviews by using behavioral interviewing techniques. The idea behind this approach is that interviewers can find the best match by looking at the how and the why that drives a prospective employee. By wording a job description according to the traits that are required and by tailoring interview questions, interviewers can gain critical insights into an applicant’s previous and present behavioral tendencies in various situations

The requirements for each job, often called competencies, describe the behavior of an ideal employee for each particular job function. Four of the most sought-after competencies for tech startups are:

• Problem solving
• Analytical skills
• Customer orientation
• Team player

To attract candidate who exhibit traits, a job description should feature terms like committed, flexible, articulate and focused. In the interview, ask questions that draw out how these terms reflect the behavior of the applicant. That type of data isn’t contained in a resume. Instead, it comes out as an interviewer speaks with candidates in person.

• VP – Digital Marketing
• Loyalty Head
• Category Head
• Head- Alliances
• Director- Merchant Strategy
• VP- Corporate Communications
• Chief Technology Officer
• Engagement Partner
• Client Servicing Head
• Chief Product Officer
• Head of Strategic Initiatives
• Product Head
• Chief Engagement Head
• Director - Cloud Engineering
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