Pioneers of organized recruitment across the globe, our roots in management consulting enable us to bring a unique approach to recruitment. We make sure that the recruitment needs are being catered to with utmost care and precision. We operate as a unified team with expertise across industries, sectors and geographies. We specialize in Executive and C-level searches, Finance Leadership and a broad range of functions across the technology stack.

HR Professionals

In every organization, the Human Resource Professionals takes the onus of building the company's talent pool. The criticality of human capital is well understood by everyone who understands leadership. They are not only instrumental in translating corporate goals and visions into human resource programs but also play a major role in driving the growth strategy for the organization. We, at Afflatus offer the reach to help solve your HR challenges by our presence across the globe. We understand that it is critical to find people that are going to fit culturally.

Financial Professionals

Financial officers in today's world must possess robust skill set. They serve as key advisors to management with their strategic finance skills in capital planning, mergers and acquisitions, business planning, investor relations and taxation. They also must possess an eagle eye vision on development and execution of long-term financial goals, annual operating plan and business forecasting. Needless to say that our role is not limited to being recruiters but we act as consultants to our clients by identifying the right talent. We try to build strong talent foundations that would maximize productivity and the organization's financial future.

Technology Professionals

Digitalization has taken the world by the storm. What is leading edge today can quickly become outdated tomorrow, pushed aside by start-ups working in remote corners of the ecosystem. . Today's Chief Information Officers align IT strategy with corporate mission and goals, optimize and transform business processes for competitive advantage, and respond with agility to keep ahead of rapidly changing global markets, new business models and the competition. We assist organizations identify and onboard the tech talent needed to leverage today's technology - Cloud, Big Data, mobile apps, social networking and digital strategy and Internet of things.

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