Process IN_Sourcing to Afflatus

Dear Key Decision Maker,
First, it’s not “outsourcing”. It is IN_Sourcing, as we at Afflatus become your in-house partners. Sure we manage you processes from remote, but our hearts and minds live the day to day life, as if on your site.
Second, we map your processes with a granularity and involvement, which are industry benchmarks. Nothing is shallow, no non-validated inferencing, no ad hocism. Immense proactivity based in deep core grasp of realities is what inspires us.
Our modus operandi precludes the inevitable frustrations, the firefighting, the pressures, and tentativeness. We give you aesthetically designed Dashboards, intuitive set reports, and mature interfaces to track every micro-process.
Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) philosophy guides us. Our structured approach blended with bold questioning and wonder-laced curiosity helps identify and drive actions that get results. It’s a Solution_Oriented partnering we foster with your organization.
We have moved beyond the realization that the current management tools like red-yellow-green scorecards are insufficient. This entails the challenge of educating many top executives about these tools in an accessible way, but it’s worth the effort.
Our range extends to cater to business challenges from different industries: services, healthcare, fintech, voice/ non-voice based intermediates, manufacturing, services, sales & marketing/ retail/ ecommerce, supply chain/ logistics, cutting edge technology, and government/ not for profit sectors.
Our team offers a Man-to-Man or a Person-to-Person mapping as in football (equivalent of Personal AI/ Alexa) to your CEOs, General Managers, Senior VPs, Division Heads, and frontline operations talent for a perfect Impedance_Matching support and partnering: on maturity, on perspectives, on results-keying in. This brings clarity and mechanisms to drive the right, efficient, improvement behaviour to your core and secondary/ tertiary processes.
We try to imagine what thoroughly understanding your processes can engender. Thus, your people armed with intelligent information are productively involved with analysing and improving processes. We assist you in pursuit of excellence, via regular improvements; thus you can see results in real gains, and maintain higher levels of operational productivity. And as a leader, this instils a culture based on objective analytics and tangible results. An impeccable fulfilment of legal, ethical and privacy dimensions are assured.
Shall we have a soul-searching dialogue about your processes and your strategic goals?
Look forward to having meaningful conversations with you.

Warm regards,
Prof Sandeep Mann
Mentor & COO – Afflatus InSourced Processes

We love such instances/ caselets:

A friend, who is a finance executive at a semiconductor company, told me he was involved with a cost-cutting initiative handed down from upper management. My friend’s functional area of the business was a fabrication (fab) line at a plant in Texas. An examination of operating expenses showed a significant expenditure for air conditioning, especially in the summer. The building’s current air conditioner setting was 71.3 degrees Fahrenheit. My friend asked the plant engineers about raising the temperature a couple of degrees to save some money. The plant engineers immediately called a meeting and showed him yield curves; for every 0.1 Fahrenheit degree of change, there would be a drop in yield at the factory. The cost of the yield drop would far exceed the savings in air conditioning costs. It is not unusual for semiconductor fabs to understand their processes that well, with this degree of precision.
Well, it turns out that there are tools for your business that can deliver real insights into precisely what your processes can provide, even if your business is distant from semiconductor fabrication. Organizations that can benefit from these business tools include healthcare, manufacturing, services companies, and virtually any other for-profit or non-profit organization, including school districts and government agencies.

- Courtesy Foreword to a book on IEE by Forrest Breyfogle

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