Networked syndication of globally practising partners and industry experts at Afflatus Inc help attract and build future ready leaders.

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Delivery Motto

AAA+ Alignment, Attract, Agility. At Afflatus Inc , our delivery is guided by our unflinching attitude to making things happen.

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Industry Verticals

Afflatus Inc has helped deliver a diverse portfolio across industry verticals in some of the toughest terrains.

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Our exclusivity and unique candidate portfolio positioning helps candidates have that extra edge.

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Our AAA+ and our unique assessment centre helps candidates and clients.

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Social responsibility at Afflatus Inc is a way of life, education to all is a fundamental right and an equalizer.

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IMPORTANT: Please do not transfer any money or provide any bank details to any persons on Afflatus behalf. Afflatus or its representatives would never ask you to make any payment for delivering any services.

Afflatus Inc - An Executive Search Firm.

The excerpted assertion indicates the approach we invest behind our Executive Search Practice (CXOs, CEOs, Board positions and other leadership hiring levels).

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Afflatus Inc is a hugely inspired Executive Search firm, where the research team, the partners, the client servicers, all excel and bring hundreds of man years in satisfying your firm’s mandates.
We talk less, but specific, focused and conclusively.
And we bring happiness to our and your workplace. Happiness based on productivity rest of the world can benchmark against.


Purple Cow by Seth Godin

Building a remarkable product that stands out and gets adopted by the passionate few rather than building a product that is for the mass market.

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Risks & Innovation

No risk no gain, old adage. Innovation implies going for the unknown (a risk), leaving the complacency of the known (another risk).

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Unique People

Too many companies believe people are interchangeable. Truly gifted people never are. They have unique talents.